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We at Dancend believe that when you dance you express your heart.. As they say the journey is important not the end – At Dancend we encourage to Dance to enjoy the present moment and not think about what you will achieve out of that session. OBVIOUSLY IT’s a different matter that when you dance bonuses land in your lap. Dance keeps you physically fit, happy and in the present moment.

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Dancend is a move, a breath, a feeling that emanates from the soul and transcends one into the world of no worries, creativity and fun. Bring yourself to our studio in Panchsheel Park or GK2 in Delhi to explore your vision of Dancend through our guiding hands! We at Dancend believe that when you dance you express your heart. Dancend helps people express emotions they cannot in regular life.

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Dancend has been blessed with amazingly positive and supportive students! Let’s hear their side of story as well!. a first time learner who just wants to learn steps to be able to groove at a party or a wedding or a serious leaner who has aims to take up dance professionally. Let us all Dancend and bring a positive change in the world through our Dancing souls.

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