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What you’ll get with Dancend

Benefits of being a dancer with us

  • Healthy Body & Mind

    Danced always focuses on fitness, fun and learning. We come up with wholistic classes that not only work on your body but also help you learn dance skills with the aid of super fun choreography!

  • Great Music & Costumes

    Dancend understands about your personality and knows each person has a unique preference and life has many colors. That is why we have designed our curriculum in such a way that all of you have something to celebrate. Also you get a chance to participate in annual shows once you are part of dancend where you have the most fun because you showcase what you learn and enhance it with fun costumes – all under zero pressure. For us performance means fun, community interaction and building self confidence!

  • Creative & Fun People

    Dancend attracts a positive vibe – The studio, the instructors and the students here are fun and easygoing people who use the medium of Dance to spread happiness first and foremost! It’s a highly creative atmosphere because all instructors are passionate about Dance and learning, You will never feel stagnant because instructors here pay a lot of attention to their own learning and share their knowledge¬†constantly with you.

  • Participate in Annual Shows and Build self-confidence

    Dancend provides you a chance to participate in its’s annual show usually held end of april or first week of may. Dancend has organized 4 annual shos since it was established and besides presentation after every quarter in the studio you get a chance to dance on a professional stage with fun costumes and feel your beauty and glory

Our Classes

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