“Bust 500 calories in one hour while having fun”

Bhangra is spreading like wildfire all over the world – An endearing energetic happy folk form from the state of Punjab in India it was traditionally danced to celebrate the time of spring harvest (Baisakhi). It’s best danced to dhol (traditional drum) beats! You cannot help moving naturally your shoulders and head to the addictive beat…

 Ruchi Pushkarna at Dancend is the pioneer of this form in Delhi – running these classes since Jan 2012! A mix of yoga and pilates style hard core warm up with pure Bhangra basics ending with Choreography to Punjabi Bhangra songs is the sequence of this most energetic and most popular class!

Get ready to bend, lean back, bobble your head and shrug your shoulders and most importantly don’t forget to “SMILE”

Dance Class level – open, workout level – intense

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